Monday, May 15, 2017

The Perks of Parenting Come with the Children's Children

We count blessings for a crown as we age..."Children's children are the crown of old men, and the glory of the children are their fathers."  (Proverbs 17:6)

A visit to Washington State followed on the heels of our Guatemala Cobán mission reunion. 
We ran from a wonderful connection with the returned missionaries whom we loved, to visit 91 year old Aunt Lorraine, 
and then children, grandchildren, and siblings.

I love sisters: We share a fondness for wishing wells, the Logan temple, House Rules, zucchini bread, walks, funny notes, flowers, and memories of fun times.

  A trip to the temple in Vancouver, B.C. 
and a tulip festival tour with sister Carma,  


 was topped off with dinners with siblings.  
I found this note at the restaurant (no offense to my brothers!)  
Isn't it a wonderful thing to rejoice in siblings for even half a century?  

David's new home reflects  
our (and Megan's) New England days.

So good to learn of their families.  When their children thrive, our buttons burst, too!  

Visits with grandchildren circled around coloring eggs and cookies, 

               doing science experiments and games.
 We brought bikes, and Seattle weather cooperated so they could be used!  

In spite of a heavy windstorm, our encounters with Seattle green and its conversational skies, 

held back moisture long enough for great park and outside time,

 a little indoor time, 

making and finding tasty treats.

                 And then, we found indoor water! 
A highlight for Grandpa was taking a field trip tour with two of the eldest grandchildren 

to visit the Boeing company, and celebrate (up close and personal) 37 years of working at every Boeing plant in the Seattle area.  

My appreciation widened, as did the eyes of Eleanor and Thomas, as Val wept in gratitude for Heavenly Father helping him to find a place where he could work and enjoy and grow so completely.

A satisfying dinner with one of Val's Boeing colleagues finished the day.  Nothing better than friends in faith, especially those who understand the talk of the shop. 
The day we arrived home, we heard our Spring City home had been unexpectedly vacated, so we packed again, this time for the South,   
where we puzzle through cleaning, Koolaid on white carpet, necessary repairs, 

and ponder long range upgrades.  We coupled our work with a sweet visit to an older, more stately house 

  and a family night sunset visit to Skyline Drive.
 Kristen had earlier, invited me to a two day outing, to BYU Women's Conference

so I got to escape to a burst of sunshine.   
 Followed by an ISU graduation of our nephew, 

 and a quick jaunt another hour north to find never before encountered cousins of Shirley 
 and review a story of how a young man and young woman prayed nearly sixty years ago beside a river near Mom's Hillman farm house to ask if they should be married and how... 
The answer was a peaceful "yes."  But with the confirmation came a feeling that Glendon should serve a mission.  Miraculously, the mission was made possible, and five children and a lifetime of service later, we rejoice in comfort which comes in seeking direction in our life's choices. 

With high rivers flooding out a Friday Father [and Grandfather]/Son's outing, 
a neighborhood bonfire and Baby Animal days hit off a great prelude to Mother's Day. 

Even if we are slow in getting out our letters, 

We still do love you!

(I determined to find the Kristen picture holding a yellow chick, and here is one of Kristen bar-climbing
26 years ago, and today!)
Cheers to you, in your daily climb!
Love, from  Laurene and Val